Mining, Drilling and Discovery
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onto Mining, Drilling and Discovery!

'Why is gold still above $1,200 despite strong dollar?' @investorseurope #gold 

What's happening is not the usual correlation to expect as an investor
Igor Espanhol's insight:

"As global financial markets begin to unwind for the first quarter of 2017 and as the news headlines gradually move away from the persistent focus on US President Donald Trump, there has been an unusual market trend that has developed over the first three months of the new year - the rebound in the price of gold and consistent strength in the US dollar."

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Mining, Drilling and Discovery
The action, process or good fortune of discovery or discovering oil, gas or mining deposits. Disclaimer : this page is not intended for any specific nationality or jurisdiction. It is also not intended to solicit clients from any specific jurisdiction including the Republic of Mauritius inter alia.
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